Our Story

In 1995, the Foreshore story began after our Father heard a radio ad which awarded grants to entrepreneurs who wanted to start a business. Dad jumped at the opportunity of being his own boss and started the small business TAFE course.


Dad put an ad in the paper, and all it said was ‘Container For Sale’.


20 calls later and he had started a business 'Zillionaire Containers'.


Despite lacking in the creative department, dad scrapped the name and started again. Driving around the Illawarra he stumbled across Foreshore Road and the next day he had a business name:


Foreshore Shipping Container Services


Foreshore has grown from there. Dad and his beautiful wife Terri (our mother) had a 1-year-old, a property in Port Kembla and a cloud of uncertainty looming over them.


He started off with one container in the backyard and slowly grew from there; building his business through word of mouth and relationships. He gradually purchased more and more containers with the profits.


Today, after 20 years' of operation, he has had over 1000 customers, over 500 Container hires and over 3000 Container sales. So he must have done something right!


Jason and I over time have learnt the ropes of the container business; buying, selling, putting out hires, marketing and relationship building, and moving the business into the digital age. 


We are building on new ideas and hoping to take the business to a new level. Gradually, our goal is to diversify Foreshore by launching 'Foreshore Labs', the business creative side. This creative will bring together containers, communities, music and art. This is a vision that was shared with our dad.


Let us know how we can help you. 


James & Jason Ralston