Our Story

In 1995 the Foreshore story began after I heard a radio ad for the government funded New Start program. I jumped at the opportunity to be my own boss and started the small business TAFE course.


Back then the newspaper was everything and I started off with one tiny add ‘Container For Sale’


20 calls later and I had started a business 'Zillionaire Containers'.


I’m not the creative type as you can see and after a classroom and teacher looked at me in disgust I scrapped the name and started again.


Driving around the Illawarra I stumbled across Foreshore road and the next day I had a business name. Foreshore Shipping Container Services.


The Foreshore journey began from there, my wife Terri and I had a 1 year old baby a property in Port Kembla and a cloud of uncertainty looming over us.


I started off with one container in the backyard and slowly grew from there. Building my business through word of mouth and relationships. I gradually bought more and more containers with the profits.


Today after 20 years of operation I have had over 700 customers over 150 container hires and over 500 container sales. So I must have done something right!


My 2 children James and Jason are gradually learning the ropes of the container business. Buying and selling, putting out hires, marketing and relationship building. Their involvement has come at a good time as I'm definitely not getting any younger.


We have now moved online with a Website, Facebook and Instagram.


Their fresh young faces are bringing new ideas and taking the business into the 21st century.


They have a plan to diversify into 'Foreshore Labs' the business creative side. With a goal of bringing together containers, music and art.



James Ralston


Foreshore Shipping Container Services